Monday, November 24, 2014

This week


 This is Hermano Salvador and Christofer- our favorite less actives. Lesther too, but he was sick and laying in the other hammock. There is never a dull moment when we visit, especially when Hermano Salvador yells "Esnelson!"

 Last time we went his daughter wasn't home, and it was raining so we couldn't be outside. So we just sat in the doorway to teach them :)

 Me and the "dream team". I love these girls so much

 My model companion :) Shout out to Hermana Briones who lent me this outfit for Zone Conference

 Me- approximately 4 hours ago. Eating banana pancakes, watching "The errand of Angels" and writing letters. Welcome to p-day in Nacaome :)

I think the biggest thing hermana Briones and I learned this week was how much the spirit is used. We were reflecting and sometimes leave lessons feeling like we did nothing- it was all the spirit communicating to these people what they  need to hear. It truly is so incredible just being an instrument in the Lord's hands :)

-Hermana Snelson

 oh, quick Hermana Briones story-
sometimes she goes crazy. What I mean is she gets super hyperactive and excited for no reason and I Say, "hermana, what's  up?" and she just replies "I've got Snelsitis!" So it's our big joke now everywhere we go :)

that's all, love you bye!

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