Monday, November 10, 2014

Where do I start?‏

MONDAY- In a closing prayer with someone that we met on the street she said, "And please bless these young women that they may find the truth and resolve the doubts they may have of the truth."
Umm.... thank you?

Beautiful, huh? Approximately 2 hours later it POURED rain and we were soaked the rest of the day

WEDNESDAY- We visited this guy, Jose and as we left we invited him to church. At least 10 times he said he'd go "Como invitado!" (as a visitor, some of these churches as soon as you walk into them they start declaring that you're saved and obligate you to do a bunch of stuff) and we still laugh about it and just look at one another and say, "como invitado!"

THURSDAY- We are trying to visit all of our area which involves going to the outskirts. We had a half an hour before we had to be in a meeting at the church, so we decided to go to a part we haven't been to before. We start asking around and everyone says its waaaay too far to walk there. We start debating if we should go, when Hermana Briones jokingly said referring to the guy that we were talking to, "well, if he pays for the moto taxi I guess we can go." And he did! The next half an hour was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. But it all turned out in the end :)
 FRIDAY- We had a family home evening with several youth who are the only members of their families. It was beautiful- they are so strong and my heart just swells with pride to see the great hands that the future of the church is in

SATURDAY- While teaching The Restoration, we were explaining about the preisthood to Nahun (13). Hermana Briones begins explaining that Nahun couldn't just establish his own church, that we need the authority from God. Nahun, being sassy said, "I can too establish my own church!" "Oh really, God gave you permission?" To which Nahun looked up and said, "Va que si?" (Right?) We just laughed really hard but then he explained to us what you need to have a true church, and said that he felt something in his heart while we taught. Awesome.

SUNDAY- Hermana Snelson directed the hymns and spoke in sacrament meeting- I love being in a branch :) I was asked to speak about missionary work- easy enough huh? Well I started talking and shared my conference quotes and scriptures and started saying all the blessings I have seen and felt since I've been here.
I started talking about all of the blessings and I've seen not only in mine, but in others people's lives and just started crying. I began seeing faces in my mind and thinking of people- so many people- that I love so much. I just felt my heart swell with the love that I and our Heavenly Father has for them, and truly felt grateful to be an instrument in his hands.

I love Him, and I love you :)
-Hermana Snelson

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