Tuesday, January 28, 2014

¡Buongiorno principessa!‏

No, it´s not in Spanish, and I don´t even speak Italian, I was just craving some "Life is Beautiful"

-Congrats to my mom for completing years tomorrow! Wooot!
-Congrats to Chad L. Snelson for getting a hair cut! So proud of you!
Thanks for the letters from:
-my mother dear
-The Shields
-The  Clarks
-local Disney Princess Alex
-and local full time missionary Elder Nightingale

thanks folks! You should be getting a reply by the end of February :)

I´m doing good! I just feel this radiating enthusiasm every day I wake up and my knees hit the floor. I love doing Zumba and laughing my head off with my companion. I love studying and sharing with my companion everything we are learning as we grow together. I love going to our lunch appointments and once we get there making tortillas and braiding the sisters hair. I love yelling "buenas!" as happily as I can to anyone who shouts "gringa!" in my path. I love meeting people and hearing all of their stories. Everyone has different burdens and it is the most wonderful thing, walking into someones home and being able to bring the pure love of Christ to warm their life. 

Did I mention I love serving a mission? I love serving a mission. When an elder found out I had 8 months today he said, "wow hermana, so you´re practically halfway done then!" to which I replied "and you´re practically halfway...." okay, so my comebacks haven´t improved, but I definitely can see a difference and a change in my life. It´s not that I was not happy before, but I am happier now. I had a testimony before, but it has blossomed and grown to heights I never thought I could reach. It is the most humbling thing being an instrument in the Lord´s hands.

So many times during the days I just think, "was that me? was that really me that said that?" I have this new power, this new energy that I never knew was there. Everyday I´m just anxious to get out because I know that the Lord is preparing people for us. Everyday we come home, feet sore and exhausted.
 But with the biggest smiles because we know that we are doing exactly what we should be doing and are in the right place to be doing it :)

Well, there you go! My week was great! I taught people, found people who are prepared to receive the gospel- now we just gotta get them to church :)


Hermana Snelson

Monday, January 20, 2014

Family and friends!

Hello to all the people who are currently reading this! I'm currently in an internet cafe in Choluteca, Honduras where today it is a balmy 95 degrees! Wooot! :) It's "winter" right now which means its VERY windy which is especially fun when you combine wind, skirts, and dirt roads.

This week was great! Full of meeting great people like these adorable little girls. We were walking down the street and I saw this girl in the window and I yelled "Buenas!" she smiled at me then ran to the other window to say buenas again. Thinking about it now she might've done it just because I'm white, but I decided to go up. We ended up meeting her sister (they're both teenagers) and their cousins (the little girls in the picture). 
We started chatting and I innocently asked what one tree was (it was guava) and was given the tour of the entire backyard. 2 mango trees, 2 papaya trees, one guava tree, chilies, and a bunch of spices. Oh and just like 30 pigs or so. We're best friends and we have an appointment wiyh them tomorrow :) 

We went to the temple! We got the call Tuesday night that we were leaving on Thursday which meant on Wednesday we were running around trying to contact all the appointments we had Thursday, and the ones on Wednesday. We were pooped! And then we had to get up at 3:30 on Thursday to get to the stake center (then back- the other hermanas forgot their temple recommends and a member was giving us a ride) then hop in a 14 passenger van with 16 missionaries to go up to the temple. But every hot hour was worth it! 
Did you know I love the temple? Because I LOVE the temple. And that love was even more reaffirmed being there. I was in the celestial room and just felt such overwhelming love and peace. I truly could feel that my Heavenly Father was there, that he loves me, and is pleased with what I am doing. I have no doubt that Honduras is where I need to be, which makes every sweaty day worth it. :)
 It is so beautiful away from the city :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Well, hey there!

Hi everyone! I have so so much to say! :)

So changes were supposed to be on Wednesday- meaning we get the phone call Tuesday night then they happen on Wednesday. But it was raining really hard in Teguc, so they got moved to Thursday. Wednesday we were at the office so I could get some medicine for my bug bites when the elders called. I was off talking to some other elders, when I heard Hermana Zarate say, "The south?? Really??" I figured she was talking about me because well, I was the one most likely having changes. 

Things I new about the south before coming here:
1) It's more small town-y, dirt roads, houses made of cement and dirt, and less access to stuff.
2) It's very, very hot.
3) the people are wonderful, humble, and giving. From what I heard, it sounded like Africa- the people gave freely wtih what they had and were always happy.

Lots of feelings: I felt excited at first. I was leaving my first area, I was out of the city to explore more of Honduras. But then the reality set in of how isolated I would be and got a bit worried. We went home and I packed my stuff. Long story short- my two suticases, duffle bag, 2 backpackes, and then I ended up just stuffing the rest in my sheets and making a huge bundle. Apparently I've accumulated a lot of stuff in my short 6 months here. 

The next day we went to the stake center where I met Hermana Rodriguez!

 She is from BOLIVIA which is really unusual since pretty much everyone in my  mission is from Central America. She only has 3 months, and is just so so excited to be here. She is 19, and didn't go to college before her mission, but took English classes and she is AMAZING and speaks so well. I'm gonna have to record her so you can hear her. The funny thing is half of the zone didn't know she can speak english- she gets shy and embarrassed to speak it (kinda like my AFrican mother....) but! we talk while we walk in english and I told her we are going to make sure she's perfect by the time we separate.

The elders approached me after zone meeting "hey hermana, we heard you could cook, right?" (don't worry mom, I was just surprised as you were. Apparently I learned a thing or two!) well we need you to make a birthday cake" "what??" "no! Don't worry! It's a fake one!"

So, some old bread, construction paper, half an apple, frosting, orange Tang, and the little bits of fruit you buy to make fruit cake (which hondurans LOVE by the way) we had our very own fake birthday cake. For some prank or something.
 I was happy because they paid for some of my groceries, and bought us Frosty's today :)

Alright. So we drove down here and I was aware that it was kinda hot, but not like a dramatic heat wave. Apparently there's a "cold front" so it's cooler now, like 80 degrees. Hermana Rodriguez says I'm lucky since I'll be able to gradually get accostumed to the weather before Semana Santa, spring break, which is when it gets up to over a hundred. So that will be fun :) 
  But everything I've heard about it is true - the church really is expanding here in Choluteca and I love it! Hermana R joked that we're in Utah, the elders live like... 10 minutes  away and are in another ward. My bishop is amazing and all the ward members are so willing to help us and leave with us! We went to eat lunch yesterday (we get fed lunch everyday except monday (p-day) and thursday (lunch with the zone)) and asked if they had any references. They kinda explained where it was and then we asked if they could just leave with us. They said sure! So that night we went and contacted them and BAM 2 new investigators.

Random side note...
While we were teaching:

BROOKE Honduras has your curtains! These ninos were playing in them and saying "yohoo!" so I took pictures of them because they were hilarious and to show that Honduras is in with it!

Yes, I think I should adjust to the south just fine :)

I'm doing so great! Just getting to know my investigators and the area- all the streets look the same- but still going strong! :) I l hope you all had a great week, and I love you lots! :)

Hermana Snelson