Monday, October 27, 2014

Reality Check

"Well Hermana Snelson, you're going to be experiencing the "last" of things. Your last area. Your last companion. Last transfer. Pretty soon your last interview with me." 

I just sat there with my Snelson genes, crying. 
"You need to start planning, because this last transfer is going to whiz by. You're still going to Africa, right? How wonderful. That is just a unique wonderful experience, I hope you take advantage of it. But thank you. For all that you've done, and all you will be doing."

It was so weird at church, seeing this ward in Miraflores, where I feel like I'm at home, thinking that this would be the last time I'd see many of these people in this earthly life.

But I also felt so happy. So grateful! How privileged have I been to know every single person I've been able to meet.

I'll find out on Wednesday where I'm going, but I am so so excited. I'm just going to go, and work the very best I  can! I feel like everything I have done has been preparing me for this, my final moments, and I am so excited to just give it all to him.

At the beginning of this year, (interestingly enough in the exact same area where I am) I said my first prayer of the year. I promised that I was going to do all I could in my power to give all I could this year. This year, 2014, would be fully dedicated to him. And now I just have to finish with a bang! 

We are doing good. I love love love  finding new people. People like Carlos who just look at me completely exasperated and said, "I just need the answers to all these questions!" and being able to say with a huge smile that everything he has asked can be found in The Book of Mormon.
 Or having Hermano Rigoberto come to the ward activity we had and he being one of the few to show up on time! 
Or going to Indira and Keysi and just sitting on their floor and talking about why the heck I came here. They said that they like their church and don't see a reason to change. I felt so happy to look them in the eyes and say, "Look, all the churches are good. And all the good things that you find in the others you'll find here. AND MORE. There is more peace. More good. And more clear doctrine that we can learn and that I get to teach. I know it is true. I am absolutely certain, and we can help you know if these things are true."

I love love love it.  My testimony has grown in incredible ways. It's true- the more times you share it, the bigger it gets. So share it! With everyone you can :)

I love you!
-Hermana Snelson
And some pictures!
  Every time we ride the bus :)

Making decorations for the ward activity

 El Hogar- the neighborhood where we live

Monday, October 20, 2014


That one time I almost got off and realized I didn't write anyone!

Sorry! :) haha

I'm all out of words!

We made crepes today!
I turned 21!
Love you so much!
-Hermana Snelson

Monday, October 13, 2014

Right from the start‏

I think the biggest thing I learned this week is just how blessed I am.

Well, I mean, I already knew that, (I hope I already knew that!) but it was just so black and white to me this week.

It was while I was teaching the Word of Wisdom and explaining the blessings that come from not drinking coffee. Or it was while I was explaining the Plan of Salvation and they said, "How do you know?" and I just looked them in the eye and said, "Well, I just do!"

In ballet, often teachers would correct me when I  felt like I wasn't doing anything wrong. I would get frustrated, "Can't they see I'm trying the very best I can to get it right?" but then I slowly realized that they just didn't want me to fall into bad habits! They just wanted me to do it right from the start.

That is how my entire life has been! My parents, leaders, and Heavenly Father wanted me to learn the right way from the start. I was born in the church, and have been blessed to be able to continue on that path until now! I feel so grateful that I have the chance to have always known the truth, and even more so to be able to bless the lives of others!

Here's some pictures from our week!
Welcome to Tegucigalpa :)
We went to teach an investigator at a member's house (Alejandrina, on the right) but she recently moved and doesn't have chairs! So we bring our chairs from our house and I normally end up sitting on the floor. But it was such a funny image to see Hermana Chub and I (yes, she totally had the chair on her head as we walked over from our house!) carrying these chairs. One of the security guards commented because a couple hours later we were walking back again! :)

I also used my hair cutting scissors for the first time!

I love you so much! Count your blessings- name them one by one!
-Hermana Snelson

Monday, October 6, 2014

A week of fun!‏

Number one: GENERAL CONFERENCE. Amazing! Love it- always learn so much and most importantly, FEEL so much!

Also: Thanks to Elder Oldroyd (Chile) for the letter and ADIOS to Hermana Sauceda! Monday night we got the phone call that she was headed to Monjaras (the south!) so we were up packing all night! They were supposedly going to pick her up at 3 in the morning but at 5 they still didn't come. Turns out there was some miscommunication, and they ended up coming at 10. We love you and will miss you Hermana Sauceda!

And now for the fun stuff!
The Familia Castro is still as crazy as ever!
Hermana Chub made me Guatemalan soup!
 Singing an opening hymn with Jackie (RC). Special thanks to Lily, her 4 year old daughter and professional photographer
 How I went to General Conference. On our way, Miriam said, "Words are powerful, huh? Here I was saying the other day that I'll adopt Hermana Snelson and she'll live with me here... and now she's sitting on my lap!"

We are doing GREAT! Poor Hermana Chub hasn't been feeling too hot this week, so we're heading to the doctors on Wednesday- please pray for her! and If anyone wants to send her some love notes they would be very welcome!  Her address is the same as mine :)

Love you guys! Remember just how blessed we are to have the truth, and share it with all you can!