Monday, October 13, 2014

Right from the start‏

I think the biggest thing I learned this week is just how blessed I am.

Well, I mean, I already knew that, (I hope I already knew that!) but it was just so black and white to me this week.

It was while I was teaching the Word of Wisdom and explaining the blessings that come from not drinking coffee. Or it was while I was explaining the Plan of Salvation and they said, "How do you know?" and I just looked them in the eye and said, "Well, I just do!"

In ballet, often teachers would correct me when I  felt like I wasn't doing anything wrong. I would get frustrated, "Can't they see I'm trying the very best I can to get it right?" but then I slowly realized that they just didn't want me to fall into bad habits! They just wanted me to do it right from the start.

That is how my entire life has been! My parents, leaders, and Heavenly Father wanted me to learn the right way from the start. I was born in the church, and have been blessed to be able to continue on that path until now! I feel so grateful that I have the chance to have always known the truth, and even more so to be able to bless the lives of others!

Here's some pictures from our week!
Welcome to Tegucigalpa :)
We went to teach an investigator at a member's house (Alejandrina, on the right) but she recently moved and doesn't have chairs! So we bring our chairs from our house and I normally end up sitting on the floor. But it was such a funny image to see Hermana Chub and I (yes, she totally had the chair on her head as we walked over from our house!) carrying these chairs. One of the security guards commented because a couple hours later we were walking back again! :)

I also used my hair cutting scissors for the first time!

I love you so much! Count your blessings- name them one by one!
-Hermana Snelson

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