Monday, October 6, 2014

A week of fun!‏

Number one: GENERAL CONFERENCE. Amazing! Love it- always learn so much and most importantly, FEEL so much!

Also: Thanks to Elder Oldroyd (Chile) for the letter and ADIOS to Hermana Sauceda! Monday night we got the phone call that she was headed to Monjaras (the south!) so we were up packing all night! They were supposedly going to pick her up at 3 in the morning but at 5 they still didn't come. Turns out there was some miscommunication, and they ended up coming at 10. We love you and will miss you Hermana Sauceda!

And now for the fun stuff!
The Familia Castro is still as crazy as ever!
Hermana Chub made me Guatemalan soup!
 Singing an opening hymn with Jackie (RC). Special thanks to Lily, her 4 year old daughter and professional photographer
 How I went to General Conference. On our way, Miriam said, "Words are powerful, huh? Here I was saying the other day that I'll adopt Hermana Snelson and she'll live with me here... and now she's sitting on my lap!"

We are doing GREAT! Poor Hermana Chub hasn't been feeling too hot this week, so we're heading to the doctors on Wednesday- please pray for her! and If anyone wants to send her some love notes they would be very welcome!  Her address is the same as mine :)

Love you guys! Remember just how blessed we are to have the truth, and share it with all you can!

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