Monday, April 28, 2014

But you can call him Pilo‏

So the first week I got here we went to a members house for an FHE.
It was my first time at the house so I went around asking everyone's names,  until I got to an older gentlemen. I was so confused at first- thought he was speaking another language until everyone started yelling,
So that's how we met Pilo :)
He is a brother of a member who just HAPPENED to move into his sisters house right before changes and just HAPPENED to know nothing about this church and just HAPPENED to be super friendly and ready to hear us.
Let us quote a quote my daddy often says, "Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous."
It has been incredible seeing the changes that Pilo has been through as he told me, "Hermanas, I know it's bad, and I am never going to drink and smoke again."
 There is so much happiness in his face every time he sees us and even more when he was able to realize that this church and this gospel are true.
 We had challenged him to be baptized for last Saturday (the 26th) but he didn't go to church. So on Sunday we re-challenged him for May 3rd. Well, we were on Divisions when Hermana Carias went over the questions with him and filled out his register (I don't know if that's what it's called in English... baptisimal form?). She asked if he remembered his date and he said the 26th. 
"But Pompilio, you remember that that's tomorrow, right?"
 "Yeah Hermana, let's do it!" 
Hermana Carias told me she was SO SAD to have to tell him that he would have to wait a week. He was sad at first, then said,
 "That's okay, I'll do it! I'm getting baptized!"
His enthusiasm is contagious! This morning we went to play soccer he was walking by the field. He came up with his huge smile and shook our hand so hard like he always does. Then he went around saying hi to all the other missionaries, just so excited to be able to become a part of the true church.

I too, feel more and more grateful everyday as I am able to progress and advance so much! Not only am I helping the Lord's kingdom grow, but I myself am growing so much as well. I still feel so privileged to have been chosen to be a representative of the Lord. I came here because I wanted to give to Him a small piece of all that has been given to me, but I am seeing more and more each day that that is impossible as I am receiving more blessings than I ever could have imagined. I feel so grateful everyday as I feel so much love and support from everyone. I truly am the luckiest gal in all of Honduras!
I love you all so much! I hope you enjoyed church yesterday, and will have a great week. :)

Hermana Snelson
(I lost the cord for my camera to connect it to the computer but will probably be buying it.... today. :)  Here I am on the Provo Mayor's blog though:


Monday, April 21, 2014

This week in pictures!

I'm out of time! Here are some pictures:

1. Provo cones! I was so stoked to see my home-town. Represent!
2. I accidentally broke my shower! and it was the day of interviews. The ZL's weren't answering their phone so Hermana Carias suggested that I called President. Could you imagine that phone call? "Hey President, Hermana Carias and I are going to be late because our shower broke and now there's water all over my apartment" Luckily, we run on Mormon Standard Time here so we ended up only being 10 minutes late to the meeting. Haha.
 The shower is still broken (showering with a bucket- again!) but it's good! :) 
3. Hermana Carias and I :) We decided we need to take more pictures together.
 This was us yesterday after church.

Love you! Have a great week!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Details!

Hey everyone! I was kinda of vague last week, but don't you fret, here come the details!

The ward:
Is so great! They need a little more enthusiasm for missionary work, but Hermana Carias and I have got loads to spare, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem ;)
NOTE TO ALL HUMANS NOT SERVING MISSIONS: Missionary work is changing! It is the members job to find the people and our job to teach. We were called to teach! I have been blessed to have the opportunity to find some people myself, but it is always better when the members and the missionaries work hand in hand.

We do get fed though, so that's a bonus! And like always, delicious. Especially right now since it's spring break (unless you live in Latin America, then it's the Holy Week) so everyone wants to feed us, which is perfectly fine :) The goal is just to try to get to know the few members in our area and gain their confidence. But we'll do it :)

My area: 
Is awesome. It's really big so we have to be more effective when we plan so we don't climb up a hill (but literally) then come down then have to go back up. But I can say that without a doubt I LOVE it here. There is a ton to do which means a happy Hermana Snelson, because if there is one thing I've learned it is that I just don't like to sit still. I'm always speed walking (calves of steel, everybody) and talking to everyone we can.

Funny story: some days we slack on opening the mouth (the goal is we each talk to 10 people everyday) so what we do is the first person to talk to 10 people has to buy the other a charamusca. (like... a Popsicle, but in a bag. Haha, everything is in bags!) I think that's an important lesson I've learned, you can work hard and teach effectively and still have fun! You just have to get creative sometimes! :)

My Comp:
Hermana Carias is still great! Today I made her crepes while we watched a movie and then she did my hair and picked out my clothes. I love that I am with someone who has more time because we have gotten to the point where we understand the sacrifices necessary to have a good companionship and are able to express our concerns to one another with love. It truly is such a blessing to be here with such a wonderful example!

We are doing so awesome! This week will be slower since everyone is going to be going to the beach, but we are going to take advantage and visit every member who is home :)

I just love how much potential each of us has to grow. Everyday we are blessed to learn new things, meet new people, and better ourselves, something I feel I didn't take advantage of before the mission. I have come to grow closer with my Savior and learned to rely on him in ALL situations. There are moments when I feel tired and say a quick little prayer like "Heavenly Father, I really need to make it up this hill, help me please", or when we are in a lesson and waiting for an answer and just do a little one that the spirit can touch their heart. I have come to know that God is always there, with a listening ear :)

Now for some pictures!

We went to a lesson the other night and there was a hen sitting in the corner. When we asked, he said that some of her eggs had hatched, but she was still sitting on the others. So that's how we held chicks while we sang an opening hymn :)

My mission leader offered to make us lemon juice, and when he whipped out the lemons it was the biggest I've ever seen!

Plus, we were still in our Sunday best, so a picture was necessary :)
That's all folks! Love you lots!

Monday, April 7, 2014

It all started on April Fool's‏

Hey everyone!

I woke up April First preparing to take the time between teaching lessons to visit members so Hermana Rodriguez could say good-bye. Normally, we receive the call for changes at 6 or 7. So at 5 when the phone rang I was more than surprised. It was the Zone Leaders

"Hey, Hermana Snelson?" 
"yeah, hey elder, what's up? Oh my gosh.... you have changes!"
"I do have changes, want to hear?"
"Well, yeah."
"okay Hermana, You're going to Teguc." 
I was shocked! I had been thinking actually that I was so grateful for the work we did in the south because it taught me the importance of working hand in hand with the members and the ward. I was thinking the other day "man, wish I was back in Teguc to put in to action all that I've learned!" so I actually felt pretty good.
"okay Elder"
"and..... You're companion is Hermana Carias."

Hermana Carias was in my first zone for the 1st change, she's one of Hermana Flynn's trainers. She was nice, but I didn't know her too well since it was my first change and everything was new then. But she's really nice so I was pretty stoked.
"Hermana Carias" I thought "hmmm.... someone told me where her area is. She was with hermana Flores as the sister training leader...." 
"Elder, are you serious??" 
"I'm dead serious, Congrats hermana! You're the new sister training leader!!!!!"
"Elder, wait, today is April Fools day" 
"I know Hermana, but I promise this is real! congrats!"

I was just kind of in shock the rest of the night, then we got home at 8 so I could pack all of my clothes. I managed to get to bed at 10:30 but could NOT sleep. 
"This is gonna be great, I'm so excited!" "But I haven't even TRAINED how the heck can I be a leader?" "Oh my heck I'm going to do divisions and go to consejo." "Ah I'll be out of the heat!"

I kinda slept but not really. At 2 in the morning I had enough- so I got down on my knees. I told Heavenly Father everything I was feeling, everything that was going through my head. He's the best- he just listens so lovingly. 

I had to re-realize that Heavenly Father knows what he's doing. He knew what he was doing by sending me here, and not Africa or Taiwan. I also thought of what my parents have always said: "It's MY will, not THY will be done."

I'm taking this on with enthusiasm and am very excited.

Things to know about Hermana Carias:
-she is from Guatemala
-she is the third missionary in her family. The fourth and last missionary is on his mission right now in Paraguay.
-she went to a bilingual school so we speak English when we're at home. That means singing too
 -she knows all the EFY songs better than I do! 
-she always says, "of course my little horse!"
-she's been a STL for 1 change... so we're learning line upon line. 
-she is HILARIOUS. We are laughing all the time.

So yep, there you go. And Hermana Rodriguez is training :) 

And some pictures:
 Here we are  eating at McDonald's for the first time in Four Months
 (with Elder Smith from the one and only Timpview High School!)
 We made banana pancakes at a recent converts house this morning :)
Love you! Hope you enjoyed conference as much as I did! If you didn't have a chance to see it, look up President Uchtdorf's talk about gratitude :)