Monday, August 25, 2014

The Honduran Happenings!‏

Well hey there! I "moustache" you a question!

How ya'll doing because we are doing AMAZING!

So we were teaching one of the old hermanas investigators- we were meeting him for the very first time and were just chatting outside, when walks past this woman who yells, "come to my house!" "uh, okay hermana, but where do you live?" "he knows!" pointing to a member who had been kind enough to leave with us. We go on teaching. Then she come back from buying tortillas and says, "It wasn´t a suggestion, I mean now!" 
We had just ended with a prayer and went to Lucia´s house, the sassiest grandma I´ve ever met! Her grandkids were baptized and active but now live in the states (completely normal) and she wanted to get baptized before but couldn´t because something with the marriage papers. It was so incredible because we almost never go in that part of the area and the boy we were contacting is there all day so we felt so grateful that we felt we should go there!

Next up... Justin!
We met him in the street our first night here. He later told us that he was only out and about because it was raining and he was bringing his little 3 year old Carmen home because he didn´t want her to walk home in the rain. And then the hermanas just randomly yelled at him! Yay for random yelling! He is super positive- loves reading the Book of Mormon and has always had really positive interactions with the church before.
 ​He also went to church on Sunday! (I just want everyone to see that he is wearing a button up shirt and tie. And Carmen looked like a little princess) So much happiness! He isn´t perfect- he goes out drinking sometimes with his friends but he said, "I´m too old for just fooling around and wasting my time. I have to do this for God and my daughter" He is awesome and we love him so much! :)

We were also blessed to go to the temple this week! On Thursday about 50 members from the ward (adults, youth, ninos, everyone!) met at the church at 4 in the morning. A lovely family we are teaching (the kids are members, the husband doesn´t want to get baptized.... yet ;) ) were already there, Sunday clothes and all. The 4 hour bus ride is always long but you seem to forget about it once you can just  be there, feeling so much love! We were also able to go in so we just felt so happy and really grateful for those added blessings.

The same family (Familia Paredes- Marvin, Panchi, Alejandra, y Alfonso) gave us dinner last night and we invited the other hermanas too.

I think more than anything we were blessed this week to see the hand of God in our life. We just came home at the end of each day feeling so full of gratitude because with God we were able to accomplish great things! I feel so grateful to be here and every day I am reminded of the WHY I am here in Honduras, not in another part of the world and just truly looking for these people that need the gospel!

We also had all the hermanas that we are in charge of come over for a combined p-day. It was so fun! We ate crepes (everyone brought a topping) and had a white elephant gift exchange. Latinos don´t do it here, so it was fun to explain it to everyone and see what they brought! 

 ​Yes, Hermana Aranda and I both got Pepto Bismal :)

All in all, we are doing great! Loving the work and loving life here. I hope all of you are doing so wonderful and remembering how loving and merciful our Heavenly father is!

Here's a picture of us at the market last week. The first time I´ve been somewhere that  wasn´t terribly dangerous. This place had EVERYTHING!

Love you all SO MUCH!

-Hermana Snelson

Monday, August 18, 2014

So many things!‏

Here´s some out of order pictures of our week!
 Happy birthday to my sweet companion! We celebrated all the August birthday´s in our zone today in style with cake and this sweet Minion pi├▒ata!
 We were walking to an investigators house and then BAM pouring rain. There´s no point in running- you just get soaked anyway. But once we got to her house we just stripped off our shoes. You can see our sweet tan lines and the fact that our feet are as brown as Jennifer´s!
 I did Divisions with Hermana Zaleta, from Mexico, in Monjaras! We had a lot of fun (mostly finding lots of less actives) and eating! Haha in every house we went to they offered us freshly made tortillas and cheese, nanced (a little yellow fruit. Imagine... like a yellow cherry but not as sweet), and clams! We had a lot of fun together. I love divisions because I feel like I learn more than I teach!
 Then I did divisions with the lovely Hermana Steele, from Oregon. She is Hermana Groll´s trainee and she is now training in my area in San Luis! We stayed in my area for the day (we´re in front of the church, which is over on the right) but I have seen so many members from San Luis and it is so fun!

And we made crepes... over a fire stove :)


Monday, August 11, 2014

Well, that was unexpected

As a missionary, one knows that every six weeks the inevitable happens- there´s changes. But don´t you fret!

 ​Because the lovely Hermana Groll and I will still be together for another six weeks!

 ​Oh yeah... we´re in Choluteca.

Say what?!?!?!

For those playing at home, my second area (San Luis) where I was with Hermana Rodriguez, was down here in Choluteca. 

We are loving it! 

I was actually in the same stake before, and Hermana Grolll was in the same ward! So I pretty much just feel like I´m walking around with a celebrity everywhere I go :) And even more because HERMANA GROLL´S BIRTHDAY WAS YESTERDAY! Wahoo! She´s officially big now and we are so happy for her! 

​Even the neighbors love her and promptly brought us tacos when they heard it was her birthday. SHE IS JUST THAT AMAZING.

I´m going to be honest, when we got the call that we were leaving I felt a little upset- I felt like we had done so much and I was sad to leave all of the people behind right when I felt like we were just gonna rock it and have a lot of success. But alas, God´s plans are better than our own!

Our 2nd day here (but not even that because our first day we got home at 6 coming from Teguc) we got a phone call in the morning. One of our hermana´s had a death in the family, her grandma, and could we please visit her and make sure she´s okay? We called the other hermanas- the next door neighbors to find out where they live, and find out it´s an hour bus ride away. I felt a little apprehensive if it was worth it, but we had some personal studying to do.

Well, God is a tricky guy :) I was reading (I believe the most recent) a conference talk by President Monson where he talks about how a perfect stranger brought a woman homemade bread. It was more than just bread, but the woman was able to feel the love from God. So I just felt like we had to go visit Hermana Garcia, who I´ve only met like... twice. 

We manage to get to the bus station bu they said the bus just left and would be coming in 45 minutes. So once again, doubt starts creeping in. But alas! Another one "happened" to pull up 10 minutes later and we were on our way! 

We got to the hermanas house and chatted for a bit. Hermana Garcia was so happy we were there- she said her zone leaders hadn´t even said anything to her (President called her before zone meeting, so she was kind of upset during it) and so she really was so happy we were there. We asked about their investigators and they told us about one they were having trouble with. We gave a couple of suggestions and said that we would pray for him.
​We also got to try what this lady said are the best smoothie´s in Honduras. They were pretty delicious and cheap! And... I´ve been meaning to send a picture for forever but everything is in bags because they are so much cheaper. Welcome to Honduras!

Then later that night they called, "Hermanas! We went and visited him and we know why he won´t get baptized! thank you so much!" 

We truly know that we were called to serve here and I´m pretty sure we said at least 100 time, "hermana, at least we have each other!" So we´re pretty happy :)

I love you all so so much! But even more, your Heavenly Father loves you even more!

-Hermana Snelson

Monday, August 4, 2014

Buenas nuevas!‏

Pictures: me, hermana Groll, and the lovely Hermana Acevedo.


Love you so much!